Survival horror at its best, or at its worst?

Zombiu, the new survival horror by Ubisoft. I swear i've heard a million people nag about the naming, it's really not a bad name. Ubi made a game called Zombi, which this is the sequal to. It's the WiiU version, so it's Zombi...U. 

Now, with that aside. Time for the review. 

Most other reviewers were displeased with this game, that is for a couple of reason. First being, they were not fans  of survival horror games. Nearly every single flaw i saw them name, was a flaw with the genre. Here at Modern Gaming, we do not use genre staples as pluses or minuses. If you already know you enjoy the genre, why should that affect the score? Thats right, it shouldn't. But to make up for it, we have 2 scores for each game. A score for the common gamer, and a score for fans of the genre. Now, time to begin. 


This was a launch title, so I was actually pleased by the level of graphics put into it. It's not crysis 3 or black ops 2 worthy, but it is very pleasing to look at. The graphics don't push the wiiu to it's limits, but how could it? It's a launch title. That aside, I will not bias the time it was made as not everyone is reading this during the launch window. The graphics are good, but not perfect. They are a 4/5 worthy. Not Perfect, but good enough you won't complain. 


This is a survival horror. It's purpose is to create a tense almost scary feel, so a lack of too much music is good. It helps you hear all the scary sounds of zombies walking around you. The music will not balance into this games score, as it is not a soundtrack, it's a background set and it does that job perfectly.

Lasting Appeal

This is iffy. The game keeps you coming back as new characters over and over, if you eventually manage to get good at the game it will have good lasting appeal. You'll probably keep trying survival mode until you make it all the way through. (one death, and you lose) but if you're not so great at the game you'll probably get sick of dying over and over again. For survival horror fans, the lasting appeal is great. For the common gamer, maybe not so much.


Sadly, this game does not go online. It is a huge let down, but the local multiplayer makes up for it with its brilliant asymmetrical game play. They only have two modes and a few stages, but the gameplay on them can last for hours. My friend who doesn't even like first person shooters, and myself played the game for a multitude of hours swapping roles. The multiplayer is fun, fair and super innovative. 

Game Pad

This game makes great use of the game  pad. It's used as a scanner, used for immerson with the back pack and locks and all around adds a scary feel to the game. You have to focus on the game pad and on the tv screen back and forth so you don't get killed while doing something else. You might be typing in a number on the gamepad, and be striked by a zombie on the top screen, or really anything. It's a great implimetation and really help the immersion.


- Great survival horror

- Great at setting the mood

- Good use of the game pad.

- Fun putting together the back story.

- Epic Multiplayer


- if you don't like survival horror, you may not like lots of things.

- If you suck at shooting the guns, the cricket bat will get repetitive. 


If you are good at first person shooters, or just like a scare. This is the game for you. This is the best survival horror game I have ever played. The only real thing people have against the game is that the cricket bat gets repetitive. This is not a problem if you know how to shoot a gun. People are so scared of running out of resources, that they forget you can one shot almost every zombie with a little bit of aiming. I ran low on ammo, and occationally ran out, but not enough for the cricket bat to get repetitive. The only problem I have with that is that the cricket bat is too easy to kill them with, because running out of ammo would be even scarier. If you don't like this type of game, don't buy it just because. It's meant for fans of the nearly lost genre, survival horror.

Common Gamer: 7.3/10

For a fan of survival horror...

 9.3 / 10 

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